Cotswold Eco Tub Burford Hydro & Air


5-6 Person Burford Deluxe Cotswold Ecotub, Woodfired Hot Tub.

RRP £4700-5200

Cotswold Eco Tub Burford Hydro & Air


  • Hand-crafted and made to the highest possible specifications

  • 1 hour heat-up time in optimum conditions

  • Lightweight design

  • Internal LED colour change lighting

  • Bubble system – choice of either:
    »  Air  – bubble system with Ozonator (no maintenance required);
    »  Hydro -Combined air & hydro (water jet) massage system with adjustable outlets for tailored output

  • Insulated Cover (increases efficiency by 30%)

  • Stainless steel flue and Internal boiler

  • Integrated internal boiler made with high-grade Grade 304 Chlorine-Resistant Materials

  • Hand Crafted Fibreglass Tub (this prevents air pockets from forming)

  • Triple treated nordic spruce cladding (selected for its highly durable qualities)

  • Drinks Bar

  • Deluxe Steps (*Supreme Steps upgrade pictured above)

  • Rain Cowl

  • Chimney Guard

  • 6 Waterproof Headrests

  • Tension Bands for longevity

  • Insulating Fibres within the layers of fibreglass (ensures no rodent risks to electrics as with spray foam insulation)

  • Water Treatment Starter Kit & Discount code

  • Quick-Drain Tap with Brass Hose-lock fitting – meaning you can empty and fill you tub via your hosepipe!

  • Up to 24 Months Warranty*


  • Diameter 205cm
  • Height 115cm
  • Power Supply 13amp
  • Water Capacity 1000L


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