HWAM 2610


Heat Output 4.5kW, Efficiency 80.3%

RRP £2545-2745

HWAM 2610

With the HWAM 2600 series, the Danish designers Henrik Sørig and Tobias Jacobsen have created another beautiful stove series which is grand in elegance yet small in size. The airwash system keeps the glass clean and ensures that the fascinating fire can be enjoyed through the curved glass pane in the cast-iron door.

HWAM 2610 – Available on a pedestal, plinth or as wall mounted
HWAM 2610c (classic door) – Available in grey or black steel
HWAM 2610m (modern door) – Available in white, grey or black steel.


HWAM 2610c with side glass £1955 (Black & Grey)
HWAM 2610m with side glass £2155 (Black & Grey)

HWAM 2610m with side glass £2305 (White)


Wall bracket (Black & Grey) £55, (White) £65
Low base (Black & Grey) £80, (White) £90

Pedestal (Black & Grey) £160, (White) £180
Fresh air system, Ø100 mm, rear/floor connection, Autopilot™ £85




  • HWAM® Autopilot™
  • Capacity 2-6kW
  • Nominal heat output 4.5kW
  • Efficiency 80.3%
  • Smokeoutlet, Ø 150mm
  • Combustion chamber width 27cm
  • Dimensions Height 70cm, Width 43cm, Depth 36.7cm
  • Distance to inflammable materials Back 19cm, Side 36cm, Front 80cm
  • Distance to inflammable materials, corner location 34-56cm
  • Weight 64kg Pedestal 15kg


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