Little Thurlow Eco SC

Little Thurlow

Little Thurlow Eco SC 5kw multi-fuel

RRP £ 1632-1792.80

Little Thurlow Eco SC


One of our most popular stoves, the Little Thurlow has a classic design packed with our newest technology, including this ECO design 2022 approved version.

Perfectly designed for a lower stove opening, this ‘landscape’ oriented multifuel stove has a large glass window, a very good sized firebox, and highly controllable airflows. Supplied with an optional heat shield, which reduces the distance needed to combustible materials, (if fitted please allow an additional 30mm to the depth shown below).

Please note – the Little Thurlow ECO S/C is only available with a flat door.


Designed to meet incredibly low emission standards, all our ECODESIGN stoves have been independently tested against strict criteria in order to have an even lower impact on the environment compared with open fires and some older stoves. for more information please click here

Smoke Control

This version of the Little Thurlow has been independently approved for burning wood in a smoke control area. The outer appearance and dimensions are the same as the Standard Little Thurlow.

Little Thurlow with Log Store

The Little Thurlow is also available with a built in log store, and this is very useful when a small stove is required but the opening is large.

Colour Options

Like all of our stoves, the Little Thurlow is available in black as standard, with a large selection of colours available at a small extra charge. The special paint we use is extremely resistant to high temperatures.


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