Penguin 7 (Convector)


Wood Only, Eco-design Ready, Efficiency 75.8%

RRP £2375.00

Penguin 7 (Convector)

Fair & Square

This penguin is the Penguin 7, with side convector panels. As well as making it a convector stove, it makes it wider, with a wider top plate, so effectively a Penguin 7 with a little extra muscle.

It has all the qualities of the Penguin 7 family; cool, classic, contemporary with a beautiful clear view of the fire. The generous clear glass window offers you a huge uninterrupted view of the fire and it has the added benefit of taking large logs. It is wood only stove

What’s More

How do convector panels work?

Although often chosen for the look and large top plate which offers a wider surface for placing a kettle on, the convector panels makes these stoves particularly effective for heating large, well insulated rooms.

As hot air created by heat from the stove’s bodywork expands, it becomes lighter than the air outside the stove and rises up inside the convector panels, exiting from the top of the panels. This is replaced by cooler heavier air drawn in at the bottom of the panels, which is in turn heated. The warmer, lighter air will fill the room while the colder, heavier air being drawn in at the bottom of the stove will create a continuous heat cycle, which gently moves air around the room.

Penguin Facts

This is a generous stove; it has big fire box for plenty of fuel, it throws out 7kW of chilli hot heat on a cold winter’s night or a frosty Sunday morning….. and it lets you see it all happening. The generous wide screen glass gives you a wonderful big fire view. The simple styling means that the Penguin 7 works well in a fresh contemporary setting, but looks equally at home in a cosy, traditional room.

Air control
The Penguin 7 convector only has one air control knob, which makes it really easy to use. The single air knob provides boost air when fully open, and finer control when further in. A tool is provided to use when the stove is hot.


  • Nominal Output 75.8kW
  • Efficiency 76.9% Seasonal 66.9%
  • Dimensions Width 649mm, Depth 405mm, Height 583mm,
  • Wood Only yes
  • Smoke Control Kit Pre -Fitted yes
  • Optional Direct Air Kit Provided yes
  • Max Log Length 450x100mm
  • Flue Collar Diameter 127mm
  • Flue Size Required Min 125mm
  • Distance to Combustibles (With Insulated Flue) Side 300mm, Rear 100mm, Above 550mm
  • Distance to Non Conbustibles Side 100mm, Rear 50mm, Above 150mm
  • Hearth Type: Superimposed 12mm
  • Tested to EN13240:2001 / EN13240-A2 2004 / BS3841-2:1994


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