The Seventy ATE “78”


Wood Only, Eco-design Ready, Efficiency 75.8%

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The Seventy ATE “78”

Fair & Square

This penguin is the love child of the Penguin 7 and the Hungry Penguin. So it has the Penguin 7 fire box with an oven inspired by the very popular Hungry Penguin. We then added an integral plinth for log storage and convector panels.

What doesn’t it have? It gives you heat, it gives you food, it gives you hot drinks, it has somewhere to store your logs and it’s got a glorious big window to watch your fire burning. When the world disappoints you, it will be waiting for you at home. This penguin will work for it’s living: it can multi task, it’s strong, it’s hot, it’s got muscle and it cooks. If you love this penguin it will love you back.

The Seventy Ate (78) has an integral plinth. There is a version available without the plinth, called the Seventy Ate shorty. The height difference can be seen in the plans.

The name came from two places. It was based on the penguin 7 firebox but the stove itself is bigger, so the “seven” became “seventy” then we realised how similar “eight” and “ate” sound, what could be more apt for a stove that cooks your dinner? Did the name inspire the stove or the stove inspire the name…

What’s More

Convector stoves. This stove is one of our 5 convector stoves. These stoves are often chosen for their appearance and large top plate, which offers a wider surface for placing a kettle on. We love that you love them, as much as we do! However the convector panels also have another purpose, they cause heat to move in a different way, making these stove particularly effective for heating large, well insulated rooms.
As hot air created by heat from the stove’s bodywork expands, it becomes lighter than the air outside the stove and rises up inside the convector panels, exiting from the top of the panels. This is replaced by cooler heavier air drawn in at the bottom of the panels, which is in turn heated. The warmer, lighter air will fill the room while the colder, heavier air being drawn in at the bottom of the stove will create a continuous heat cycle, which gently moves air around the room.

Penguin Facts

The “78” is an 7kW (wood only) convector stove with an oven box on the top and an integral plinth underneath. There are convection panels on both sides.

There is a model available without the plinth: the “78 Shorty”.

Both versions of the “78” offer a generous top surface, which will fit a kettle and saucepan on. The whole top surface can be used to cook on. There is an optional stainless steel top plate, which can be used to protect the surface. This sits on top of the stove and has a U shaped cut out for the flue. Alternatively you can request one without the cut out if you plan to rear flue your stove, (please request this option at the point of order).

It comes with one oven shelf which can be placed in two positions: either on the oven bottom or on the mid-height shelf runner. An additional shelf is available as an optional extra if required. There is a small rectangular vent at the rear of the oven box to let cooking smells escape.

The oven box reaches temperatures similar to a domestic oven. The temperature is regulated by controlling the fire.


  • Nominal Output 7.1kW
  • Efficiency 75.8%
  • Dimensions Width 649mm, Depth 405mm, Height 1115mm.
  • Wood Only yes
  • Smoke Control Kit Pre -Fitted yes
  • Optional Direct Air Kit Provided yes
  • Max Log Length 450x100mm
  • Flue Collar Diameter 127mm
  • Flue Size Required Min 125mm
  • Distance to Combustibles (With Insulated Flue) Side 300mm, Rear 300mm, Above 550mm.
  • Distance to Non Conbustibles Side 100mm, Rear 50mm, Above 150mm
  • Hearth Type: Superimposed 12mm
  • Tested to EN13240:2001 / EN13240-A2 2004 / BS3841-2:1994


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