Wiking Luma 2


Heat Output 7kW, Efficiency 81%

RRP £2445

Wiking Luma 2

WIKING Luma 1 and 2 are the shortest stoves in the WIKING Luma series. But this does not prevent the firewood from being fully utilised, to the benefit of the user and the environment. Both models have a large stove glass pane set in a solid cast-iron door, and WIKING Luma 1 also has wide side glasses, so you can enjoy the view of crackling flames from all angles.

WIKING Luma 1 and 2 have a simple and timeless design and both stoves may be installed directly on the floor and are also available with a pedestal or a wall mounting bracket.

  • Smoke outlet: top or back
  • Colour: black
  • Combustion air system is available




  • Operating range 4-9kW
  • Nominal output 7kW
  • Net efficiency 81%
  • Flue outlet Ø 150 mm
  • Combustion chamber width 36.5cm
  • Connection from floor to topoutlet, pedestal 108.2cm
  • Distance to combustible material Rear 15cm, Side 40cm
  • Distance from furniture, front 110cm
  • If placed in corner, 45º 7.5cm
  • Weight 114kg
  • Weight, pedestal 19kg


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