Wiking Mini 2


Output 4.5kW, Efficiency 83%

RRP £1505-1515

Wiking Mini 2

Welcome to WIKING Mini 2, the newest and to date smallest member of the family.

WIKING Mini 2 offers four beautiful variants – two on legs in different heights, wall mounted and one on a plinth.

Even though the WIKING Mini 2 is the smaller than our other WIKING-models, we have made no compromise on either burn technique, quality or environmental standards.

  • Flue outlet top or rear
  • Colour: black
  • Combustion air kit (rear/floor connection, (Ø100mm), when fitted with plinth, air can only be taken through the floor.
  • On a plinth, with low or high legs




  • Operating range 3-7kW
  • Nominal output 4.5kW
  • Net efficiency 83%
  • Flue outlet, Ø 125 or Ø 150 mm 5"/6"
  • Combustion chamber width Front 35cm, rear 32cm
  • Connection from floor to topoutlet, plinth 56.9cm
  • Connection from floor to topoutlet, low legs 61.3cm
  • Connection from floor to topoutlet, high legs 79.3cm
  • Connection from lower edge of stove to topoutlet, wall mounted 55cm
  • Distance to combustible material Rear 12.5cm, Side 32.5cm
  • Distance from furniture, front 100cm
  • If placed in corner, 45º 7.5cm
  • Above combustible flooring 22cm
  • Weight without plinth/legs 71.2kg
  • Weight with a plinth 72.1kg
  • Weight with low legs 72kg
  • Weight with high legs 73.5kg


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