The Hungry Penguin Eco


Multi-Fuel, Output 4.8kW, Efficiency 86.6%

RRP £2150.00

The Hungry Penguin Eco

The original Chilli Penguin

The original version of the Hungry Penguin has now been discontinued, and replaced with an even more efficient Ecodesign version. Yes, really!

This stove does it all, it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner and boils your kettle for a coffee afterwards. It’s ideal for canal boats, studios and homes where you don’t want to be dependant on mains gas and electricity.

What’s More

If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint or your fuel bill, being able to heat and cook from the same fuel load makes a lot of sense.
If you want that smug feeling of warm toes and a hot pasty that makes sense too. It is a different experience to cooking with flick-a-switch power… but you’re off grid and the stoves on anyway!

Penguin Facts

Cooking on a penguin
All our cooker models have an oven box and top plate (oven top surface). The Hungry Penguin comes out with a stainless steel oven bottom trivet, to put cooking dishes on. The oven temperature can reach up to 300°C, but it will tick over comfortably between 140-180°C. You can fit a small saucepan and kettle on the top plate. If you regularly use the top plate there is an optional stainless steel top plate available. This sits on top of the stove and has a U shaped cut out for the flue. There is a small vent hole at the rear of the oven box to allow cooking smells to escape up the flue.

Extra Height Oven (Tall order)
The Hungry Penguin is also available with an extra height oven. This increases the internal oven height to a total of 200 mm.

All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT
All eco stoves now come with a factory fitted SMOKE CONTROL kit.
Penguin black is the standard colour, supplement charged for other colours


  • Nominal Output 4.8kW
  • Efficiency 86.6% Seasonal 76.6%
  • CO Content @ 13% O2 0.06%
  • Particles at 13% O2 12mg / m3
  • Dimensions Width 380mm, Depth 365mm, Height 638mm
  • Internal Oven Dimensions Width 250mm, Depth 220mm, Height 100mm
  • Multifuel
  • Smoke Control kit pre-fitted
  • Optional Direct Airkit Available
  • Max Log Dimensions 270x100mm
  • Flue Collar Dimensions 127mm
  • Flue Size Required 125mm
  • Distance to Combustibles with insulated Flue Side 550mm, Rear 250mm, Above 450mm
  • Distance to Non Combustibles Side 100mm, Rear 50mm, Above 150mm
  • Hearth Type: Constructional 12mm
  • Weight 90kg
  • Tested to EN13240:2001 & EN13240A2:2004


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