The Short Penguin Eco


Ecodesign Ready, Output 4.9kW, Efficiency 80.6%

RRP £1525.00

The Short Penguin Eco

Small penguin, huge personality

The original version of the Short Penguin has now been discontinued, and replaced with an Ecodesign version. 

This fiery little 5kW eco penguin is designed to fit snugly into a builder’s opening but is equally comfortable and utterly sensational free standing. Simple, clean lines, Ecodesign ready, contemporary stainless steel handles, clean burning and highly efficient. This is a stove you will want to come home to.

What’s More

The Short Penguin Eco is an Ecodesign stove. It uses a combination of three new clean burn features to achieve lower emissions and over 80% efficiency. Secondary heat retaining glazing has been introduced. The combustion air jets have been redesigned and air flow diversion has been introduced.
The combination of these new features mean that the temperatures in the firebox are higher resulting in a more efficient burn of the fuel. In addition the combustion gases remain in these higher temperatures for longer which causes more complete burn of the gases resulting in less harmful emissions and less particulates.

Penguin Facts

Air wash system
Pre-heated air is introduced via channels and jets at the back of the firebox and above the door.  The jets over the door are directed at the glass, creating a cushion of air, this is called an air wash. The combination of the clean burn features and the air wash result in a clear, uninterrupted view of the fire.

Our stainless steel handles have been re-designed to improve the feel of positive closure and to ensure that the handles remain vertical…we want our penguins to always look and feel good.

All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT

All stoves now come with a factory fitted SMOKE CONTROL kit

Penguin black is the standard colour,  supplement charged for other colours




  • Nominal Output 4.9kW
  • Efficiency 80.6% Seasonal 70.6%
  • Dimensions Width 380mm, Depth 355mm, Height 540mm
  • Height with plinth 711mm
  • Multi-Fuel
  • Smoke Control Kit Pre-Fitted
  • Optional Direct Air Kit Available
  • Max Log Dimensions 270x100mm
  • Flue Collar Diameter 127mm
  • Flue Size Required Min 125mm
  • Distance to Combustibles (with Insulated Flue) Sides 500mm, Rear 200mm, Above 450mm
  • Distance to Non Combustibles Side 100mm, Rear 50mm, Above 150mm
  • Hearth Type: Constructional 12mm
  • Weight 71kg
  • Tested to EN13240:2001 & EN13240A2:2004


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