Wiking Luma 5


Heat Output 7kW, Efficiency 81%

RRP £2945

Wiking Luma 5

The WIKING Luma 5 design includes a heat store above the combustion chamber, making them the tallest models in the Luma series. The heat store can be filled with heat storage stones, which store heat from the stove and slowly release it into the room.

WIKING Luma 5 has wide side windows for better views of the flames.

  • Smoke outlet: top or back
  • Colour: black
  • Combustion air system is available


Luma 5 £2455

Stones for heat retaining compartment £160

Fresh air system £75

Glass floor plate (A 96.2 x B 50.3 x C 0.6 cm) £50

Steel floor plate (A 96,2 x B 50,3 x C 0,2 cm), black £60

A cover plate is supplied free of charge if noted on the order that the stove will be connected with rear flue outlet.


  • Operating range 4-9kW
  • Nominal output 7kW
  • Net efficiency 81%
  • Flue outlet Ø 150 mm
  • Combustion chamber width 36.5cm
  • Connection from floor to topoutlet 104.5cm
  • Distance to combustible material Rear 12.5cm, Side 60cm
  • Distance from furniture, front 105cm
  • If placed in corner, 45º 31.5cm
  • Weight 129kg
  • Weight, heat retaining stones 45kg


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