Wiking Miro 1


Heat Output 4.9kW, Efficiency 78%

RRP £2045

Wiking Miro 1

Through WIKING Miro’s broad side glass and the large glass pane in the sturdy cast iron door, there is ample opportunity to watch the flames in the open and bright combustion chamber. Slightly slanted angles at the back enhance the looks of WIKING Miro – not only on an even wall, but also in a corner.

WIKING Miro 1 on a pedestal is a stove that appears impressive without taking up much space.

The pedestal lifts the stove and lends it a light appearance. Slightly slanting at the back, WIKING Miro suits an even wall and a corner equally well.

WIKING Miro 1 has a large glass pane in a solid cast-iron door, and also features side panes of glass which offer ample opportunity to enjoy the flames from various angles.

WIKING Miro 1 & 2 can be wall mounted, placed on a pedestal or installed on the floor on a plinth.

  • Smoke outlet: top or back
  • Colour: black
  • Combustion air system is available
  • Plinth or wall bracket


Wiking Miro 1 £1455

Wall Bracket £50

Plinth £85

Pedestal (Mounted on stove) £100

Fresh Air System £75

A cover plate is supplied free of charge, if noted on the stove will be connected with rear flue outlet.


  • Operating Range 3-8 kW
  • Nominal Output 4.9 kW
  • Net Efficiency 78%
  • Flue Outlet 150mm
  • Combustion Chamber width Front 35cm, Rear 32cm
  • Connection from floor to top outlet, pedestal 106.6cm
  • Distance to combustible material Rear 10cm, Side 52 cm
  • Above combustible floor 7cm
  • Distance from furniture, front 90cm
  • If placed in corner, 45º 38cm
  • Weight 79kg Pedestal 11kg


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