Wiking Miro 6


Output 4.9kW, Efficiency 78%

RRP £2095-3245

Wiking Miro 6

The WIKING Miro 6 is designed with a heat storage compartment which can be filled with soapstone. Soapstone has a special ability to store heat from the wood-burning stove, which will then slowly be emitted into the room. While the wood-burning stove is burning, the stone in the heat storage compartment will be heated up. Once the fire in the combustion chamber has died, the stone will continue emitting the stored heat into the room.

WIKING Miro 6 is also available with soapstone cladding which, in addition to storing the heat from the stove, is also decorative and exclusive cladding for this model.

As something new WIKING Miro 6 is also available with a tile cover which is a decorative and exclusive cover for this model.

The tiles have a smooth surface and a fine structure with delicate shades of colour.

  • Rot glänzend Elfenbein Erika Falbe Mangan Fossil Torf
  • Lava Moos Savanne dunkel


Wiking Miro 6 £1555

Wiking Miro 6 with Soapstone Cover £2255

Wiking Miro 6 with Tile Cover £2505

Stone for heat retaining compartment £130

Fresh Air System £75

Glass floor plate, small (A 77.4 x B 40 x C 0.6cm) £45

Glass floor plate, Large (A 95.4 x B 50 x C 0.6cm) £50

Steel floor plate, small (A 77.4 x B 40 x C 0.2cm) Black £55

Steel floor plate, Large (A 95.4 x B 50 x C 0.2cm) Black £60

A cover plate is supplied free of charge, if noted on the stove will be connected with rear flue outlet.



  • Operating range 3-8kW
  • Nominal output 4.9kW
  • Net efficiency 78%
  • Flue outlet Ø 150mm
  • Combustion chamber width Front 35cm, Rear 32cm
  • Connection from floor to top outlet 97cm
  • Distance to combustible material Rear 10cm, Side 31cm
  • Distance from furniture, front 90cm
  • If placed in corner, 45º 10cm
  • Weight 97kg
  • Weight, heat retaining stones 34kg
  • Weight with Soapstone 252kg
  • Weight with tile cover 143kg


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